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Twelve questions for the participatory modeling community

Jordan, R; Gray, S; Zellner, M; Glynn, PD; Voinov, A; Hedelin, B; Sterling, E; Leong, K; Schmitt- Olabisi, L; Hubacek, K; Bommel, P; BenDor, TK; Jetter, A; Alison, B; Giabbanelli, P; Kolagani, N; Basco-Carrera, L; Jenni, K; Prell, C

Earth's Future, 6, 1046–1057


Participatory modeling engages the implicit and explicit knowledge of stakeholders to create formalized and shared representations of reality and has evolved into a field of study as well as a practice. Participatory modeling researchers and practitioners who focus specifically on environmental resources met at the National Socio-Environmental Synthesis Center (SESYNC) in Annapolis, Maryland, over the course of 2 years to discuss the state of the field and future directions for participatory modeling. What follows is a description of 12 overarching groups of questions that could guide future inquiry.

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