Eduardo Somarriba

Eduardo has a PhD in Biology (agro-ecology) by the University of Michigan, he is Professor of Tropical Agroforestry at CATIE, Costa Rica since 1989 where he taught post-graduate courses on agroforestry with annual and perennial crops, and agroforesty farm planning. He has worked in many tropical agroforestry systems, including improved fallows, grazing under forestry plantations, tree live fences in livestock landscapes, and on the population dynamics and yield of naturally regenerated, valuable (fruit and timber) trees in pasture lands (Psidium guajava, Acacia pennatula) and in crop fields (Cordia alliodora). His current field of research focuses on the optimal design and management of trees on farms, shade design and management in multi-strata agroforestry systems with coffee and cacao. He has developed an open-access, web-based software ( to evaluate the spatial and temporal patterns of tree shading in agroforestry systems. Eduardo has been a top manager at various positions at CATIE, led many rural development projects in various Latin American countries (innovations in agroforestry management, and design and implementation of farmer field schools), worked as a consultant for both government and private sector, and has published more than 200 publications, including scientific articles, technical manuals, books, and educational materials for university students and farmers. Eduardo has served in the editorial committee of various scientific journals and regularly reviewed scientific manuscripts submitted to several international journals.

Coffea arabica · Theobroma cacao · agroforestería · ecología de plantas · producción de madera en fincas · árboles en fincas

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